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Welfare Trust

Pakistan is the 5th largest populous country on the globe with over 60 Million people living below poverty line in destitution. In order to alleviate their sufferings, NJ welfare trust has been established.

Our Vision

NJ Welfare Trust is an all-encompassing charity based non-profit non-governmental organization, dedicated to social and civic uplift and well being of the society in general and deprived segments in particular. We contribute through provision of education, health care, business opportunities, food and shelter and above all self actualization and self improvement as individuals and community including rehabilitation and social bonding.

Small Businesses


The individuals living below poverty line are eligible for the help by NJ welfare trust. However following will be given priority for establishing a business.

  1. Widow / Divorcee (especially with dependent kids). 
  2. Orphans.
  3. Disabled persons (especially with dependent family).
  4. Individuals living below poverty line.
We enable deserving people to earn their livelihood
Volunteer Opportunities

Are you Ready to Become a Volunteer?

NJ welfare trust rely on volunteers to reach upto the deserving individuals, living in remote areas across Pakistan. A Volunteer living in any part of Pakistan can provide information about the poor / needy with the help of the form available on this page.

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