About Us

Since long our family has been helping needy people across Pakistan. We have successfully established a 10 bedded Charity hospital, a Mosque, two vocational training centers, a children park, a girls school and a Musalla for ladies in a park. Similarly we organized medical camps, eye camps and distribution of 300 sewing machines amongst ladies. The ladies with skill were selected in remote areas, the distribution of sewing machines was aimed to enable the families to make both ends meet.

Our family decided to help needy people by establishing an organization. Therefore, “NJ Welfare Trust” has been established to please Allah Almighty. We pray that those who helped us in the past and those who would join us for the noble cause should be given Ajar-e-Azeem from Allah Almighty.

Pakistan is the 5th Largest Populous
Country on the globe with over

60 Million people living below poverty line in destitution.

In order to alleviate their sufferings, NJ welfare trust has been created which helps establish small business for deserveing people free of cost. 

People excruciating under poverty have either skills or ability to run a small business however, they lack wherewithall to make a start.

NJ welfare trust believes in transforming the helpless people into a vibrant entrepreneurs, whereby converting the left out class into an honorable segment of the society who stand up on their feet and contribute positively.

Our Vision

NJ Welfare Trust is an all-encompassing charity based non-profit non-governmental organization, dedicated to social and civic uplift and well being of the society in general and deprived segments in particular. We contribute through provision of education, health care, business opportunities, food and shelter and above all self actualization and self improvement as individuals and community including rehabilitation and social bonding.