Sadaqah Jariyah

We construct “Mosques” in Sadqa-Jaria programme.

For mosque construction following is kept in view:-

  • The land allocated for mosque should be the property of the donor.
  • There should be no mosque around nearby.
  • A separate space is kept for ladies to offer Namaz.
  • A mosque committee of locals is made to look after construction and its maintenance afterwards.

We are providing “drinking water” across Pakistan as per Sadaqa-Jariah programme.

  • Water projects are initiated in remote villages where drinking water source is not available and local populace is in abject poverty.
  • Providing water holds immense importance in Islam as an act of charity and kindness.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) emphasized the significance of providing water to those in need, stating that it is among the most virtuous deeds.
  • In Islam, offering water is considered a form of sadaqah (charity) that brings immense reward and blessings.
  • Please donate your Zakat and Sadqat for Sadqah Jariah.